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How does
group buy work?

Group Buy is a unique feature on Ruugi that allows you to form group purchases and earn discounts!

Form a group

Once you find a product you like, head to the product page. There, you can tap on "Form a group" to initiate a group buy.

Invite your friends

Next, tap on the "plus" icon to send an invite link or generate an access code. Your friends can use this to join the group!

Make an order

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You've formed a group!

Form a group

When you are on the product page, tap on "Form a group" to initiate a group buy and secure the discount!

Inviting friends and family

Invite others

After forming a group, it is time to invite your friends and family to join. All members of the group will enjoy the discount!

Secure the discount

Make an order

Once all members of the group make an order, the payments will automatically confirm and the item is scheduled for delivery.


Once all members have paid, the discount is applied and you will receive your items.

Asked Questions

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What's a Group Buy?

Group Buy is a feature unique to Ruugi that allows consumers to enjoy discounts when purchasing together with friends!

Why are the items discounted?

Retailers often spend a lot of money on advertising. We simply ask our sellers to direct their marketing spend to discounting their goods! Psst... this is how cashback works!

Is my payment confirmed when I make an order?

No. When you make an order, a charge is placed on your card but we do not withdraw funds until everyone in the group has placed an order successfully. This is to ensure that the discount is only applied when the purchase is made as a group.

Can I buy more than one item to get the discount?

Unfortunately, no. Sellers are incentivized to offer discounts when more people purchase as this ensures their product reaches more consumers.

Are you the vendor?

No. We are a marketplace that connects buyers with sellers. We do not participate directly in a sale except facilitating the transaction.

When I make payment, does it go to the seller directly?

Payments are processed by our third party payments provider Stripe. All charges and funds pass through Stripe before going to the seller.

Can I get a refund?

We do not currently support refunds to protect the platform from fraudulent activity. If you require assistance with payments or orders, please contact us.

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